About Bisnez

Bisnez Management was founded on 5 June 2003 by Frans den Boer. Since then, the organization has been steadily expanding. The ideas behind the foundation of Bisnez Management are still our core values. Putting our clients first, investing in long-term relationships and acting only in the best interests of our clients without cooperation with other organizations – these ideas continue to determine the culture within our organization. 

Management and advice
As a small organization in Bergambacht, the Netherlands, Bisnez Management started out by supplying project managers who were capable of managing tactical or strategic projects. Later, there was a growing need for consultants who could support our clients in a broader sense. These days, we also have a lot of experience with interim and change management and we are able to offer an extensive portfolio of services.

For clients: genuine support
Our promise to our clients can be described as follows: “Bisnez Management is there for its clients. The belief that the client’s interests must be looked after with genuine devotion is deeply rooted within our organization. Our project managers and consultants focus on providing solutions for our clients. Together, they develop a reliable approach and practical, feasible solutions. Bisnez Management does this by offering management and advisory services pertaining to complex organizational issues and change projects.”

Friendly, long-term relationships
Bisnez Management enjoys working for the people behind the client. We do not drive a hard bargain, but try to establish friendly contacts with our relations instead. Our relationships are characterised by trust and solidarity, which, as a result, makes that our clients are loyal and come back to us. To give expression to our solidarity with and appreciation of our clients, Bisnez Management hosts the annual Heemstede Castle dinner. During two evenings, we give our guests something to think about by means of a particular theme introduced by three guest speakers. 

Our employees are not mere numbers
Bisnez Management has a motivated, ambitious and close-knit team that consists of a combination of highly experienced professionals and ambitious young employees. We greatly value close ties with our staff: the notions of “working here should be fun” and “employees are not means of production” symbolise how we treat our people. To strengthen the bonds between colleagues and to exchange knowledge, we host meetings and master classes. We also make time for social activities. Some examples are the annual weekend retreat with partners and the Christmas dinner with partners.

Bisnez Management is proud of where it stands today. Since 2003, Bisnez Management has developed into a solid organization that has managed to weather the years of economic recession well. This gives us confidence in our continued growth. Reason why we are looking for new people who would fit in at Bisnez Management. 

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